SKNY Box Review


“The diet starts tomorrow”. How many times have we promised ourselves that? Then life happens and things get in the way. You lack motivation, ideas and have no time to exercise.

Well this box is designed to help you overcome those problems. SKNY, the box for a Stronger, Knowledgable, New, You. The mission of the SKNY Box creators is to make being healthy simple and fun with their monthly subscription box.


I was really excited to receive a box from the SKNY box creators to review. The box was well packaged and was full to bursting with some great healthy food and ideas. Each box has healthy snacks to eat. Something to cook and something to do. They are made up of around 8-10 items including snacks, drinks, spice & recipe kit and a bespoke SKNY fitness plan. The sweet coconut and vanilla popcorn (sounds like a strange combo) I received in my box was absolutely delicious!



I was really impressed with the SKNY box and I loved the fitness plan included. It had 4 weeks of planned exercises with descriptions of how to do each exercise. Best of all they didn’t take up too much of my time and could easily be done at home and managed around family life.

SKNY box is a fantastic, fresh idea created for those of us who are busy and in need of healthy inspiration.  If you are in need of a change (and a gentle kick up the butt) then visit the SKNY Box website and sign up today with 50% off.


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