Fit Camp Paisley

Have you taken a walk through Barshaw park recently?  If you have I’m sure you will have noticed the 60 odd people jumping about like crazy being shouted at to do yet more star jumps all with a smile on their face.  Welcome to Fit Camp Paisley!  The FREE (yep that’s right) 4 week fit camp includes 3 sessions a week, nutritional education and individual guidance for everybody.  The aim of Fit Camp Paisley is to make us Renfrewshire residents healthier and fitter and to have fun whilst doing it.

fit club

I wont deny that at the first session I felt like running out the door when I saw the scales and the camera for “before” shots.  Instead I skulked in, tail between my legs, face burning red and faced the music.  We were weighed, had various body measurements taken such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and metabolic age.  These meant absolutely nothing to me until all was explained, in simple terms that everyone could understand.  These measurements will be taken again at the end of the 4 weeks and compared.

The fitness sessions are fun and the coaches very friendly and welcoming.  Goodness knows how they remember everyone’s names, but they do!  All levels of fitness and ages are welcome.  We are all on an equal playing field here as you are trying to improve yourself.  The excitement and energy from the team is infectious which keeps everyone coming back.  Did I mention it’s free?


Fit Camp Paisley sessions are on a Monday & Thursday at 6.45pm in Barshaw park and Saturday morning at 9am in Barshaw park.  Click here for more details and to register for a space.



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