5 Top Tips For School


Schools have been back almost 3 weeks now and if your house is anything like mines the novelty of seeing friends again and a new class will have worn off.  I can’t be the only parent with a child who refuses to get up on a school day but will bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn at the weekend.  Long lie?  What is that? 

Here are my 5 tips for making school days a little easier.

  1. Preparation:  Have everyone’s clothes ready the night before.  Hang school uniform together.  Tie, socks, underwear, the lot.  Having everything ready means no hunting for matching socks or missing shoes in the morning.
  2. Get Up Early:  Resist the temptation to hit snooze.  You know that saying, the early bird catches the worm?  Well this early bird doesn’t catch the worm but she does enjoy a quiet coffee on her own before the morning mayhem begins.
  3. Pre-Pack:  Pack school bag and lunch bag the night before, ready to go in the morning.  How many times have you spent 10 minutes searching the house for an elusive gym trainer? 
  4. Leave With Time To Spare:  You know the score.  You’re half way to school when you realise you have forgotten a water bottle, gym bag, lunch money or all of the above.  You have to return back home leaving you rushing to school, now running late.  Leave early, enjoy the walk to school.  If you forget something you will have time to go back and collect it.
  5. TV Is Your Friend:  They are home from school having done “nothing” all day, they don’t want to talk, are grumpy and tired.  Don’t be hard on yourself, let them sit and watch t.v., recharge their batteries and chill out.  They will soon be back to their best!

What tips do you have that you would like to share for making school mornings easier?


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