Online Safety

How many of us have children who are approaching the age where they will begin to use social media? How many of us have children who are actively using social media and the internet? Now, how many of us know how to protect our children when they are online?

As adults we are familiar with the World Wide Web and the use of social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or maybe Google+ is your thing. My daughter is 5 years old and although she is too young to be using it she is definitely aware of Facebook due to my use. Social media is a minefield. I worry about her safety in the real world but when the time comes, I will also be worrying about her online safety.

We teach them of stranger danger but how do we approach this in the digital age?

o2 are running FREE workshops throughout August aimed at helping you discover how to keep your family safe online and will also cover basic digital skills. Click here to find one near you and book tickets.

With o2 in partnership with the NSPCC and DigitalMe, who work closely with schools on the digital front, I know I will be heading to one. Details on the Glasgow workshop can be found here.


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