Asda Click & Collect Review

I was lucky enough to be asked by the lovely people at Asda to review the click & collect service at my local store, Asda Linwood.  In return I was given a cheque of £100 towards my shopping.

Time to be honest.  When I sat down to write this review I had a wee bubble.  The boy started crying and rolling around the floor having a tantrum because I wouldn’t get his toothbrush and his big sister was crying from upstairs about being unable to find her Frozen shoes.

If only writing the review had been as easy as using the Asda click & collect service!

The service is very simple to use.  Order your shopping online to collect from the store at a time that is convenient for you.

I usually do my shopping in-store, spending more than planned, with 2 grumpy children in tow and then having to make a few return visits to pick up the things I forgot on the original shopping trip.

I spent a good while deliberating over what to spend the £100 on.  Eventually deciding upon plenty of fresh meat and vegetables which would allow me to make home cooked meals for the family for a week, much to the annoyance of my partner who had his eyes on an Xbox One game!  Ordering online meant I could spend the money wisely and stopped me spending extra on items I didn’t need or even plan on buying.  I booked my collection time for the next day, in a two hour slot for a time which suited.

When I arrived at the collection point, which was well sign posted and easy to find in the car park, I was met by a manager,  Stephen MacFarlane and the community life champion, Amanda Wood.  It was then that I was presented with a big comedy cheque.

20140808_145835I think I would receive some funny looks taking this to the bank.

After the snaps were taken I was then given my shopping by Lucky Diwana, the home shopping section leader.  He gave me my receipt and pointed out a couple of items which had been substituted as my ordered items were out of stock.  I have always been wary about using click & collect as someone else would be picking my shopping but I was very happy with everything I received.  The fresh food was well within date and was great quality. I was also really pleased and impressed with how quickly I had my shopping in my car.  From leaving the house to collecting my shopping and being home again it had only taken me 20 minutes.


Click and collect is so easy and convenient to use I will definitely be using it more.  It gives me more time to do the things I love and lets me fit doing my shopping in between working and the kids.


One thought on “Asda Click & Collect Review

  1. A great review! Handy to know they help you with your shopping bags as the thought of having to wrestle my massive monthly shop into the back of my car on my own has put me off in the past, but reading this I will certainly investigate further. Good work!


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